6’5″ Campbell Brothers Bonzer for Sale

Campbell Brothers Bonzer for sale.

Dimensions: 6’5″ x 18 3/4″ x 2 3/8″

Condition= Excellent:  No dings, bottom is immaculate, light (minimal) denting (superficial; no “wells”) on the deck typical of use.  +9 out of 10 condition.  A very well-taken care of surfboard- always inspected for dings, always washed off after surfing, always stored indoors, etc.

Moonlight glassing: the highest-quality polyester glass job you can get.

Included:  6.5″ Bonzer center fin.

Reason for Selling: Quite simply, age/injury has me riding boards a bit wider nowadays.  This board floats and paddles me (6′, 180lbs.) well, but I am clicking with boards in the 19.25″-19.5″ range

Location: Lavallette, NJ

Price: $400

Contact: professorsak@gmail.com