Sunday 08/19/12 Report and Prediction

Report:  Small-scale background “surf” (and I use that term loosely) today with N-NNE winds and a high tide coming up around 9AM.  Not much happenin’

Prediction:  winds are predicted to stay light and variable through today, but the relative lack of surf might make that irrelevant from a surfer’s point of view.  I suppose conditions may improve as the day goes on as the tide drains, but I anticipate a longboard-at-best scenario for the afternoon.

Extended Forecast:  Minimal/ephemeral windswell conditions, at best, for the early half of the work-week.  There is a Tropical system moving to the West that may develop into a named storm (Isaac).  The factors guiding/steering this system are not well-modeled, so it is tough to say exactly where it is going.  That said, if development continues, we could see some sort of groundswell off it sometime the latter half of the week/early weekend.  Check back mid-week for an update.

Thursday 08/09/12 Report and Prediction

Report:  Very small and weak background swell today.  Light offshore winds grooming the conditions, but no real lines to speak of so it is difficult to even make my “longboard if you are desperate” recommendation.

Prediction:  Winds will likely come around to the SSE as the day heats up.  S-SSE winds on Friday could push up a weak S windswell, but conditions are predicted to stay sideshore/onshore for the entire day.

Extended Forecast:  A low-pressure/high-pressure cold-front interaction kicking off the SE seaboard should push up a new mid-period ESE swell for the weekend, peaking mid-day Saturday and tapering off into longer-period leftovers for Sunday.  Right now, winds are looking SW-SSW for Saturday, and coming around to more SW-WSW on Sunday.  As always, I recommend you monitor sources of local weather info for up to date wind and swell conditions.


6’5″ Campbell Brothers Bonzer for Sale

Campbell Brothers Bonzer for sale.

Dimensions: 6’5″ x 18 3/4″ x 2 3/8″

Condition= Excellent:  No dings, bottom is immaculate, light (minimal) denting (superficial; no “wells”) on the deck typical of use.  +9 out of 10 condition.  A very well-taken care of surfboard- always inspected for dings, always washed off after surfing, always stored indoors, etc.

Moonlight glassing: the highest-quality polyester glass job you can get.

Included:  6.5″ Bonzer center fin.

Reason for Selling: Quite simply, age/injury has me riding boards a bit wider nowadays.  This board floats and paddles me (6′, 180lbs.) well, but I am clicking with boards in the 19.25″-19.5″ range

Location: Lavallette, NJ

Price: $400


Wednesday 08/01/12 Report and Prediction

Report:  There is a little wave out there.  Moderate onshore winds, kinda weak with so-so form, but something to ride.

Prediction:  T-storms are predicted for our area this afternoon/evening.  With that, there is potential for an offshore wind-shift, but also for dangerous lightning.

Extended Forecast:  We are looking at a little bit of SSE swell build late Thursday into Friday.  Not significant swell, per se, but a bit of improvement over current conditions.  Winds are looking like a mixed bag of offshore/sideshore over that period, so I recommend you monitor sources of local weather info for up to date wind and swell conditions.  Looking way ahead, we might see some South windswell build late week/early weekend, but right now the winds are looking unfavorable through the weekend regarding wave quality.

Friday 07/27/12 Report and Prediction

Report: Today we have some background-style ESE swell in the 12-second, thigh- to stomach-high range with W-WSW winds grooming things nicely.  It is a little on the shallow side right now, with a low tide around 8:30, so we should see improving conditions  through the AM.

Prediction: With a big high tide around 2:45PM, we will likely see conditions start to get swamped-out late AM/early afternoon.  Of course, we could see a warm-weather-induced wind-shift to the S-SSE a the day heats up, so keep that in mind as well.

Extended Forecast: It looks like the background swell will back-down quite a bit for the weekend, but we may still see some small underlying swell for a small-wave board/longboard, particularly during the low-incoming pushes.  A mixed bag of variable winds are on the models, so I recommend you monitor sources of local weather info for up to date wind and swell conditions.

Tuesday 07/24/12 Report and Prediction

Report:  Some small clean background lines coming through earlier this AM got snuffed out by the mid-day high tide and then trampled on by increased NW winds this evening.

Prediction:  We are still modeled to receive some small increased-period groundswell on Wednesday, with winds looking NW-NNW early and coming around to more W-WSW in the afternoon/evening.  As always, we could see a warm-weather-induced wind-shift to the S-SSE a the day heats up, so keep that in mind.

Extended Forecast: the underlying groundswell is predicted to stretch into/through Thursday, but with substantial SW-SSW winds that could put a cross-chop on it at all but the most East-facing/sheltered breaks.  As always, I recommend you monitor sources of local weather info for up to date wind and swell conditions.  Check back for an update mid/late work-week.

Sunday 07/22/12 Report and Prediction

Report: Everything panned out more or less as predicted for the weekend; we got to slog out a relatively sizeable but somewhat disorganized session during the latter half of Saturday, and had cleaner but still onshore conditions for today.

Prediction: The windswell portion of today’s swell will likely fade a bit by Monday, but a small underlying mid-period ESE groundswell is predicted to start filling in behind it, so we should still see rideable surf through the early part of the work-week, albeit on a smaller scale.  Target low-incoming sessions for your best bet.  Monday looks to have SW to SSW winds, and Tuesday is looking to have more favorable W-WSW winds.  Of course, as is typical of the summer, we have to be concerned about warm-weather-induced windshifts to the S-SSE.

Extended Forecast: The models are suggesting a small-but-long-period ESE groundswell for late Tuesday into Wednesday; check back for my next update late Monday or early Tuesday.

Friday 07/20/12 Report and Prediction

Report:  It ain’t no secret that we have rain and hard onshore winds today.  Plenty of windswell in the water, but also looking plenty unrideable out there today.

Prediction: The winds are not predicted to back down all that much today, so expect lumpy, washy, HH+ windswell to persist through the remainder of the day.  Moderate-to-strong onshore winds are predicted through Saturday, so I suspect conditions will remain unrideable (unless you want to slog out a “riders on the storm” session).

Extended Forecast:  The winds look to remain onshore but back down quite a bit for Sunday, so that will be your best bet for the weekend.  As always, I recommend you monitor sources of local weather info for up to date wind and swell conditions.  Winds look to come around to more of a S-SW-SSW pattern early work-week, with a new small groundswell possibly in the mix.  I will be sure to update late weekend regarding the early work-week prediction.

Tuesday 07/17/12 Report and Prediction update

Report:  Still some lingering mid-period ESE groundswell out there in the thigh- to waist-high range or so.  The sets are intermittent and the sandbars are a bit screwed up (flattened-out), but there are a few breaks here and there holding some form; you just have to go looking for it.

Prediction:  I would suggest that wave quality might improve a bit as the tide drains, and particularly on the low-incoming tide after 1PM, but there is a good chance, with all this hot weather, that the winds will turn S-SSE this afternoon.  Monitor sources of local weather for up-to-date wind information.

Extended Forecast: More of the same for Wednesday, with small mid-period background swell, offshore/side-offshore winds, hot weather, and a high tide swamping things out early in the day.  The heat wave is predicted to break late Wednesday/early Thursday, with potentially violent T-storms coming in the mix late tomorrow.  Some onshore winds Thursday-Friday may push up a new windswell for late work-week/early weekend.  Check back for updates as details develop.

Friday 07/13/12 Report and Prediction

Report: In an interesting twist contrary to the sources available last night, we do indeed have light offshore winds this AM, grooming the windswell leftovers from yesterday.  It is on the small side, but standout breaks will likely hold some decent peaks and lines for an LB or small-wave board.  Low tide is approximately 9:30.

Forecast: We could see this small swell hold through the AM with the incoming tide push before getting swamped out in the afternoon.  Winds are predicted to go variable as the day goes on/heats up; they could maintain a SW-SSW tilt or go full-on SE; it all depends on just how hot it gets today and how much we are protected by cloud-cover.  Monitor sources of local weather for up to date wind information.

Extended Forecast:  Smaller/trace leftovers for early Saturday with offshore winds early, giving way to sideshore S-SSE.  It looks like we should see a small mid-period groundswell build overnight Saturday/Sunday into early next work-week, with the wind pattern characterized by offshore SW-WSW winds (with, of course, potential S-SSE winds in the afternoons).  As always, monitor sources of local weather for up to date wind information, and check back here mid/late weekend for an update.