Friday 11 April 2012 Report and Prediction

Friday 11 April 2013

Report:  Sloppy and building from the E-ENE earlier, now (late afternoon), the winds have calmed down a bit but still blowing SE at a decent clip, keeping conditions fairly uninviting.

Prediction: unfortunately, this swell is going to be on the down-swing overnight.  Offshore winds are predicted to come up in the pre-dawn hours, cleaning up but also knocking down the fading swell.  Despite the peak of the swell not synching well with daylight hours, I still think that tomorrow should see some fun mixed-swell conditions.

Extended Forecast:  Significantly smaller leftovers on Sunday, but offshore winds should groom conditions and allow for a follow-up, albeit small-wave, session.  Looking way ahead, much of next week looks to be dominated by side-shore S-SSE winds; check back frequently for an update when I see potential for favorable conditions.