Friday 04/05/13 Report and Prediction

Report: Minimal trace background swell with offshore/sideshore NW-NNW winds.
Prediction: A small mid-period SE background swell is predicted to fill in during the latter half of the day, so hopefully we will see a building trend that results in rideable surf by evening.  Fingers crossed.
Extended Forecast: Unfortunately it looks like this brief swell event is going to peak overnight, but some of should last into early Saturday. Winds are looking like a mixed bag of N-NNW early, eventually dropping out and giving way to SE in the afternoon; you will definitely need to keep an eye on wind reports and forecasts to time it right. Sideshore S-SSE winds on Sunday may drive some hard-angled windswell for early next work-week.

EDIT: 2PM update:  Still waiting for that bump to develop…