Friday 11 April 2012 Report and Prediction

Friday 11 April 2013

Report:  Sloppy and building from the E-ENE earlier, now (late afternoon), the winds have calmed down a bit but still blowing SE at a decent clip, keeping conditions fairly uninviting.

Prediction: unfortunately, this swell is going to be on the down-swing overnight.  Offshore winds are predicted to come up in the pre-dawn hours, cleaning up but also knocking down the fading swell.  Despite the peak of the swell not synching well with daylight hours, I still think that tomorrow should see some fun mixed-swell conditions.

Extended Forecast:  Significantly smaller leftovers on Sunday, but offshore winds should groom conditions and allow for a follow-up, albeit small-wave, session.  Looking way ahead, much of next week looks to be dominated by side-shore S-SSE winds; check back frequently for an update when I see potential for favorable conditions.





Wetsuit Drying Rack Suggestion

This wetsuit drying rack, built out of 1.25” PVC pipe, has a couple advantages over throwing it over a deck railing (splinters, exposed to UV, runs the risk of the wetsuit freezing in the winter) or hanging it in your shower (it would be in the way and might scare the crap out of you or others in your family by eliciting Psycho shower scene flashbacks) on hangers.

Made with 1.25" PVC pipe

Wetsuit drying rack suggestion

Firstly, if you use it in your shower or tub, it is easily removable.  You can see the base was made to fit a utility tub to catch the drips, so you could even locate it outside the shower or even on a tiled floor in some other room.  A good hint is to make the rack high enough so that neither the ankle or wrist cuffs touch the floor/bottom of the tub, but low enough so they hang inside the tub so no drips can escape it and pool on the floor.


While the fit of the pipe connections are tight enough to stay-put on their own, I glued them with PVC cement so I can lift the entire assembly all together (rack and wetsuit) if I have to quickly relocate it.   I did leave the T connection between the base and the vertical posts so I could disassemble it to adjust the height or if I have to stash it in a closet or transport in the car.

Friday 04/05/13 Report and Prediction

Report: Minimal trace background swell with offshore/sideshore NW-NNW winds.
Prediction: A small mid-period SE background swell is predicted to fill in during the latter half of the day, so hopefully we will see a building trend that results in rideable surf by evening.  Fingers crossed.
Extended Forecast: Unfortunately it looks like this brief swell event is going to peak overnight, but some of should last into early Saturday. Winds are looking like a mixed bag of N-NNW early, eventually dropping out and giving way to SE in the afternoon; you will definitely need to keep an eye on wind reports and forecasts to time it right. Sideshore S-SSE winds on Sunday may drive some hard-angled windswell for early next work-week.

EDIT: 2PM update:  Still waiting for that bump to develop…