01/30/13 Report and Prediction

It’s been quite a while since our last official posting here, and while not a “triumphant return”, it is a return to normalcy, nonetheless.  Yes, we have been active on Facebook, attempting to bring you surf news and current events from our little corner of the surf world.  Sure, we’ve had a number of bangin’ swells since Sandy that we saw coming, but we were just not yet ready to call ’em.  Add to that the destruction and heartache lingers, travel in many barrier island towns is restricted, many beaches are still technically off-limits, and surfing and having any sort of fun is still the last thing on many peoples’ minds.

For those, and many other, reasons I cannot objectively identify what compelled me to make this post today as the recovery process, painfully frustrating and slow, is still an ongoing reality for me.  I cannot explain why, but something spoke to me today, so here I am now, and here goes my first report and prediction of 2013:

Report: Foggy, minimal swell; it’s the calm before the storm.

Prediction:  A strong differential in temperature and pressure is setting up over us for this evening, bringing with it potentially nasty and possibly violent, winds and weather this evening.  With the anticipated wind, rain, coastal flooding, thunder, lightning, and potential tornadoes comes the potential for a healthy South swell to develop overnight.

Extended Forecast: A shift to strong offshore winds is slated for tomorrow morning (check sources of local weather for specific timing), which should quickly groom a solid swell once they arrive.  While the winds could knock down the size a bit by the afternoon, something about the numbers suggest staying-power through the day to me.  Sticking around until Friday AM is questionable; however, with an early-AM incoming push I suppose something worthwhile may be available for the early-birds.

Outlook for future forecasts: To be honest, I’m way too busy to wholeheartedly commit to posting regularly-scheduled predictions and warn you that there may be another long period of radio silence.  I’ll also remind you this is a voluntary service to the surf community as we don’t currently generate any funds through ad-sales or sponsorships, so I reserve the right to concentrate on my family, personal business, and reconstruction of my home until the (saw)dust settles.  As usual, updates here will be announced on our Facebook page, so it would be wise to subscribe to that to be kept in the loop.  Thanks for understanding.