A Report/Prediction of a Different Kind

Hi All,

Obviously, a lot has happened since our last report and prediction.  It goes without saying that Hurricane/Superstorm Sandy kicked our ass.  By no doubt you have already seen the destruction relayed by various media and as a first-hand observer of the aftermath it is as bad over there as the media has been showing… probably even worse as photos and videos just don’t seem to capture the experience as well as seeing it with one’s own eyes and speaking with those who lost some/a lot (including us at Eastcoastsurfer) or even it all (as a few of our friends/users have).  It is impossible to put into words what seeing the iconic Casino Pier in shambles was like, nor seeing the remnants of surf shops and local businesses who we supported and, in turn, were friends and supporters of us.  Times are tough and hopefully we will recover, but through conversations with those “in the loop” and those who know about infrastructure assessment, demolition, and repair, I’m sure it won’t be anytime soon and may very well never be as it once was.

The upcoming Nor’easter today into tomorrow will likely add insult to injury in the form of additional water-damage (residents of even salvageable homes in many areas have not been allowed to return home to make repairs to roofs and windows) and could even flood and weaken already-undermined foundations, adding to the frustration and despair of the situation.

I am not sure when we will resume our usual reports and predictions as access to the barrier islands (and therefore the surf they have to offer) is extremely restricted, and to be honest my actual job and the needs of my family must come first for the time being.  We are utilizing our Facebook page to occasionally cherry-pick information from other sites and make quick comments that may be informative and useful to those affected by the event and/or concerned for their fellow humans.  Until then, be well, be safe, and hold in there; I know this is easier said than done but it is the best encouragement I can offer at the moment.


Professor Sak and Brent