Friday 10/19/12 Report and Prediction

Report:  Some underlying mid-period ESE groundswell, but SSE winds are stepping all over it and introducing a bit of side-chop.

Prediction:  Much of the same through the rest of today, with winds possibly assuming a more S or even SSW tilt by dusk.  Winds are predicted to come around pretty strong from the SW overnight.  Saturday should see improved/improving conditions, with mixed ESE groundswell/S windswell and winds predicted to come around more WSW-W early or mid-morning.  Monitor sources of local weather for up to date wind information.

Extended Forecast:  Smaller leftover-style conditions with W-WNW winds predicted for Sunday, but I would not be surprised if a small-but-fun wave remains for low-incoming tide in the AM.   Looking way ahead, it looks like some small mid-period background swell might show early work-week.  Check back late-weekend for an update.