Sunday 10/14/12 Report and Prediction

Report: Small-scale hard-angled S windswell with SSW winds.  Nothing enticing, but I suppose somewhere might be breaking in the loosely-rideable category.

Prediction:  Continued SSW-SW winds through early Monday may continue to drive a small S windswell with marginally-rideable conditions possible at standout or sheltered breaks.  Winds are predicted to clock around to NW late in the day or early evening with the arrival/passage of a low pressure system.

Extended Forecast: TS Rafael is predicted to develop into a hurricane and make its way up the Eastern seaboard but stay off the coast and well-within our swell window.  Expect SE groundswell to start showing sometime Tuesday into Wednesday, with offshore winds currently predicted through that period.  Anticipate the swell to continue but shift more E, and winds to come around more side-shore, in his wake for the latter half of the work-week.

Looking way ahead: potential for a new round of SE swell developing late-week into early weekend.  Updates to follow…