Wednesday 10/10/12 Report and Prediction

Report:  Some E-ENE windswell, but winds are still onshore at 6AM.

Prediction: Without going into an over-explainy-explanation: the low is dragging/trailing a bit more than modeled/hoped, so the wind predictions are looking a bit questionable now, with the wind-shift potentially holding off until a bit later in the day, and possibly having a healthy SSW tilt to it (there is a lot of conflict among the more reliable models that are usually in accord).  We are just going to have to take a wait-and-see approach and monitor sources of local weather for up-to-date reports and forecasts.

Extended Forecast: Like most windswells, this will likely be a mostly-one-day event, with significantly smaller leftovers for Thursday. Some small mid-period background swell may develop late Thursday and wax-and-wane into early Saturday with a mixed bag of winds for that period (some offshore, some side-shore; check sources of local weather for up-to-date reports and forecasts).  Potential new round of South windswell may develop late weekend into early next work-week; check back for updates).