Monday 10/01/12 Report and Prediction

Report:  Small-scale background surf in the knee-thigh high range with West winds.  Conditions are swamped out from the (big) high-tide at most breaks, but those select spots that can handle the water are holding a small wave that is decent for a longboard or maybe a fatty fish, and at one of the not-so-secret standouts I checked this AM was holding a consistent stomach-high peak with a few shortboards on it, so it’s out there somewhere if you have the time and determination to go hunting for it.

Prediction:  Set your sights low and you may have fun is the call for today.  That said, the low-incoming tide push this afternoon will be your best bet to maximize what small wave the ocean has to offer.  Winds may tilt a bit more SW this afternoon, but I *think* the moderate temps and partial cloud cover may be able to stave off the dreaded warm-weather-induced windshift to the S-SSE.

Extended Forecast:  Small background groundswell swell looks to wax and wane over the course of the work-week, peaking in the middle, courtesy of Nadine, who is still (remarkably) milling about out there.  We are also predicted to get a round of onshore winds Tuesday-Wednesday; probably not strong enough/with enough fetch to generate a bona fide windswell, but it might introduce enough cross-swell action to break up the long-period lines.  Offshore winds look to return Thursday-Friday for the down-swinging swell.