Sunday 09/30/12 Report and Prediction

Yesterday’s Anything But Popouts/NJ Surf Show event at Joey Harrison’s Surf Club in Ortley Beach was quite a success.  As a bonus, there was at least a catch-able wave for the surf contest portion of the event; while the waves were not going off, the competitors were.  I am going to try to post a write-up regarding the event, but need some time to compile the info and request some photos from those who photo-documented the day.  Until then, you can see some photos and comments regarding the event by checking out the “NJ Surf Show” and “Gallery Surfboards” pages on Facebook, for starters (I’ll add other names to this as I discover them myself).

Report:  Small-scale background swell and high tides this AM are resulting in swamped conditions, but as the tide begins to ebb mid-morning we should start to see some small but rideable waves peek through for a longboard or fat small-wave board.

Prediction: W-WSW winds are predicted for the day; I think it should stay cool enough to sustain the offshore flow, but with sunny skies and temperatures flirting with the 70’s, one must be concerned that winds could be pulled around from the S-SSE.  If the wind does stay offshore, the incoming could yield a boost to the small-scale surf in the afternoon.

Extended Forecast:  A little bit of a boost in background swell looks likely for Monday, with winds looking to remain offshore, bouncing between WNW and WSW.  In fact, this background swell looks to wax and wane over the course of the work-week, with offshore/side-offshore winds for the majority of it (right now it looks like the only day that will be onshore/sideshore is Tuesday, which could add a windswell component into the mix for Wednesday).  I’ll update on the details of this late Monday or Tuesday.