Wave Prediction for the Weekend and Important Announcement

Report:  No report today; way too busy at work in the field to get eyes-on.

Saturday: Small-scale background bump for Saturday, with W-WNW winds predicted for most, if not all, of the day.  Big tide running, so target the early afternoon low/low-incoming tide for your best bet unless you have a secret spot that handles the smallest of swells and the highest of tides… and bring a small-wave board.  Announcement/Reminder: Don’t forget the Local Summer/Anything but Popouts/NJ Surf Show starts at 8AM on the beach in front of the Surf Club in Ortley Beach.

Sunday: More of the same, with W-WSW winds predicted and perhaps a little more energy in the form of small mid-period background swell peeking through.

Early Work Week: Potential for a new round of sideshore winds and SE windswell setting up for late Monday or early Tuesday.  Check back early work-week for an update.