Saturday 09/22/12 Report and Prediction

Report: Some mid-period E swell in the waist- to chest-high range this AM with light S-SSE winds.  It is definitely disorganized but not torn-up by the wind (yet).

Prediction: South winds are predicted to ramp up a bit this afternoon into the evening, but could tilt SSW late in the day.  This will both tear up the current mid-period background swell that is running and drive up a new hard-angled S windswell component.  Winds look to go NW-WNW overnight, so Sunday should offer markedly cleaning mix-swell conditions.

Extended Forecast:  The mid-period background groundswell component is modeled to hold into early work-week, with winds looking offshore for Monday and likely early Tuesday.  As always, I recommend you monitor sources of local weather for up-to-date wind information.