One quick photo from TS Leslie leftovers- the story behind the photo

Friend and surf-photographer Gina Petruzzelli recently shot this pic of me (a.k.a.- Professor Sak).  Not the most action-packed photo, but I get a good laugh out of it every time I look at it.  Here is the (amusing to me, and hopefully to you) back-story:

I got the call that the swell was still hanging around and worth going, so I tied up the loose ends at work and bombed over to the beach.  Of course, the waves were much smaller and weaker than anticipated, so my 6’4″ barrel-board was complete overkill, and to add insult to injury most waves worth surfing were weak lefts, which are not my strong-point.  To put the nail in the coffin, the water temps had dropped a bit, the wind-chill made things cooler than it’s been in months, and in my hurry I left my suit neatly folded in my office.

Since I was wearing jeans (my job affords me the luxury of often wearing board shorts, so I’m usually more prepared than a Boy Scout for warm-weather post-work sessions, but I was doing some dirty-work that day so I opted for the protection of longer pants), all I had was a pair of under-suit Hyperflex compression shorts and the T-shirt I was wearing.  Despite all this, I figured I sacrificed time and productivity at work in order to make the trip so might as well make a go of it.  My friends who I had met had prepared much better than I, armed with 3/2’s and fat small-wave boards, and I admit I both shivered and struggled with my less-than-ideal equipment, but sometimes one wave (I actually caught three I’d call worth surfing during my stint in the water) makes it all worth it, and one photo proves to be the icing on the cake, even if you are wearing sexy-shorts and the ballooning shirt makes you look gut-tastic.

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