Tuesday 09/04/12 Report and Prediction

Happy Tumbleweed Tuesday!

Report: Some ESE groundswell in the water today, but some sideshore winds from the S-SSE are mucking it up as well.

Prediction: Winds may assume a more favorable (but not optimal) SW-SSW angle for Wednesday, but are also predicted to ramp up quite a bit, which makes me think the East-facing and sheltered breaks will hold the most promise.

Extended Forecast: Look for the groundswell to build for the next few days through the weekend as Leslie strengthens and keeps tracking to the north, more and more into our swell window.  Keep in mind that larger long-period swells are hit-or-miss on  beachbreaks, so plan accordingly.  Winds are looking to be a pretty mixed bag of directions and intensities, so I will leave it up to you to monitor sources of local weather for up to date wind information.