Tuesday 08/28/12 Report and Prediction

Report:  Isaac is in the Gulf and a non-player for our swell window.  SSW-SW winds are semi-grooming waist-chest-high  ESE swell  groundswell from (post-tropical storm) Joyce, but it does not have a ton of kick yet this AM.  Tide is high but draining (low is around 11:30).

Prediction: The period is predicted to come up a bit late AM, and the winds are predicted to even out to a more W-WSW angle, both of which should improve conditions, especially on the low-incoming tide mid-day/early afternoon.  Winds are predicted to remain offshore all day, but as always, beware a potential swing to the S-SSE as the day heats up.

Extended Forecast:  The swell should continue through tomorrow, but winds are predicted to go sideshore from the North for much of Wednesday.  After that, as the remnants of Joyce move off and dissipate, the swell will fade quite a bit, but it looks like we will likely have some form of surf through the end of the work-week and potentially into the weekend with an offshore-wind pattern dominating that period, maximizing the smaller conditions.  Monitor sources of local weather for up-to-date wind information and check back late work-week for an update.