Wednesday 08/22/12 Report and Prediction

Report: Small-scale mid-period background swell in the knee- to thigh-high range, with occasional longer-period pulses of longer period waves that are approaching waist high or so.  Light onshore NE winds early, with increasing winds from the SE as the day heats up.

Prediction:  A similar pattern through the end of the work week; smaller mid-period background swell with longer period pulses from the Low-High interaction of TS Isaac (which should continue to build and eventually achieve hurricane-status).  I expect wave heights to increase a bit over the next  few days as Isaac closes the distance on his Westward path, and winds are predicted to be light-to-moderate and variable in direction over the next few days, providing periodic opportunities to take advantage of whatever swell finds its way to our shores.

Extended Forecast: Isaac’s track is still hard to nail-down, but I am pretty convinced that he will not be diving into the Gulf of Mexico, instead hooking towards Puerto Rico and Florida.  After that, things become even more fuzzy as the models can’t decide if he is going to travel Northward over land and run up the coastal states or hook North East back out to sea.  I’ll be monitoring things closely and updating when appropriate.