Sunday 08/19/12 Report and Prediction

Report:  Small-scale background “surf” (and I use that term loosely) today with N-NNE winds and a high tide coming up around 9AM.  Not much happenin’

Prediction:  winds are predicted to stay light and variable through today, but the relative lack of surf might make that irrelevant from a surfer’s point of view.  I suppose conditions may improve as the day goes on as the tide drains, but I anticipate a longboard-at-best scenario for the afternoon.

Extended Forecast:  Minimal/ephemeral windswell conditions, at best, for the early half of the work-week.  There is a Tropical system moving to the West that may develop into a named storm (Isaac).  The factors guiding/steering this system are not well-modeled, so it is tough to say exactly where it is going.  That said, if development continues, we could see some sort of groundswell off it sometime the latter half of the week/early weekend.  Check back mid-week for an update.