Friday 07/27/12 Report and Prediction

Report: Today we have some background-style ESE swell in the 12-second, thigh- to stomach-high range with W-WSW winds grooming things nicely.  It is a little on the shallow side right now, with a low tide around 8:30, so we should see improving conditions  through the AM.

Prediction: With a big high tide around 2:45PM, we will likely see conditions start to get swamped-out late AM/early afternoon.  Of course, we could see a warm-weather-induced wind-shift to the S-SSE a the day heats up, so keep that in mind as well.

Extended Forecast: It looks like the background swell will back-down quite a bit for the weekend, but we may still see some small underlying swell for a small-wave board/longboard, particularly during the low-incoming pushes.  A mixed bag of variable winds are on the models, so I recommend you monitor sources of local weather info for up to date wind and swell conditions.