Sunday 07/22/12 Report and Prediction

Report: Everything panned out more or less as predicted for the weekend; we got to slog out a relatively sizeable but somewhat disorganized session during the latter half of Saturday, and had cleaner but still onshore conditions for today.

Prediction: The windswell portion of today’s swell will likely fade a bit by Monday, but a small underlying mid-period ESE groundswell is predicted to start filling in behind it, so we should still see rideable surf through the early part of the work-week, albeit on a smaller scale.  Target low-incoming sessions for your best bet.  Monday looks to have SW to SSW winds, and Tuesday is looking to have more favorable W-WSW winds.  Of course, as is typical of the summer, we have to be concerned about warm-weather-induced windshifts to the S-SSE.

Extended Forecast: The models are suggesting a small-but-long-period ESE groundswell for late Tuesday into Wednesday; check back for my next update late Monday or early Tuesday.