Friday 07/20/12 Report and Prediction

Report:  It ain’t no secret that we have rain and hard onshore winds today.  Plenty of windswell in the water, but also looking plenty unrideable out there today.

Prediction: The winds are not predicted to back down all that much today, so expect lumpy, washy, HH+ windswell to persist through the remainder of the day.  Moderate-to-strong onshore winds are predicted through Saturday, so I suspect conditions will remain unrideable (unless you want to slog out a “riders on the storm” session).

Extended Forecast:  The winds look to remain onshore but back down quite a bit for Sunday, so that will be your best bet for the weekend.  As always, I recommend you monitor sources of local weather info for up to date wind and swell conditions.  Winds look to come around to more of a S-SW-SSW pattern early work-week, with a new small groundswell possibly in the mix.  I will be sure to update late weekend regarding the early work-week prediction.