Thursday 07/12/12 Report and Prediction Update

I have to be quick and concise with this update, so here it goes:

Report:  Yes, indeed, we do have some surf.  A bit disorganized by the onshore wind, but still some relief from our recent mini/flat spell.  Looking waist high, give or take.

Prediction: The outlook has not changed much except that it now looks like we might not  see the anticipated strong offshore wind pattern for Friday, but the variable sideshore/side-offshore winds should be light enough to not slop things up too bad.  Some more swell than originally anticipated might sneak into early Saturday, as a result.  Monitor sources of local weather for up-to-date wind information.

Extended Forecast:  Check back tomorrow for an update concerning the weekend outlook (as encouragement it looks like some combo swell should materialize as previously discussed, with potential periods of offshore winds).