Wednesday 07/11/12 Report and Prediction

Wednesday (evening) Report:  It’s been a while since my last update due to a hectic schedule; in fact, this is an evening report vs. my traditional morning one.  Waves are running in the waist-high range with light/moderate onshsore winds.  Tide is a bit high but draining so you might be able to find a break working enough for a LB or fatty small-wave board.

Prediction: Onshore winds are predicted to continue overnight and the E swell is predicted to build a bit into tomorrow.  Winds do not look favorable for the morning, but might back down a bit as the day goes on.

Extended Forecast:  Offshore winds are predicted for Friday, but by then the windswell looks to have faded a bit.  Still, there might be something hanging around, particularly for the early session.  The weekend looks to start off with minor/minimal swell conditions, potentially followed by a combo windswell/ mid-period background build Saturday afternoon into Sunday.  Check back late work-week for an update.