07/04/12 Report and Prediction update

Report:  Trace mid-period background swell continues today in the shin- to knee-high range.  The tide is high and swamping it out at the moment, but maybe later when the tide drains and turns back around (low is approximately 2:30 PM) we will see a longboardable wave.  Maybe.

Prediction: Trace background swell remains on the charts for the next few days, so expect more of the same barely-there swell conditions, bearing in mind standout breaks are likely going to pick them up better than others, particularly during low-incoming tides.  Be sure to pack your choice smallest-wave board and a “well, at least it is not totally flat” attitude if you decide to make a go of it.

Extended Forecast: This minor background swell waxes and wanes on the models through remainder of the work week, possibly stretching into the early weekend.  Potential build of small windswell mid-/late-weekend; details TBD.  Check back later in the work-week for an update.