Friday 06/29/12 Report and Prediction

Report:  Still in a bit of a holding pattern- trace background swell and offshore winds.  Definitely on the mini-side, but the wave form is good, so if you can find a standout break maximizing the conditions you might be able to find something on low-incoming (low tide is around 10:30).

Prediction: The models are still suggesting we might see some early-arriving swell from TD Debby, now moving out into the Atlantic off the SE coast, this afternoon/evening.  Now, to be clear, I am not calling for tropical-style groundswell, per se (Debby has yet to enter our swell window), but rather some small mid-period swell being thrown off the interaction between the high-pressure ridge moving off the eastern seaboard (and guiding Debby’s path) and low pressure associated with TD Debby’s northern margin.

Extended Forecast: As Debby’s remnants move off into the Atlantic, they should make an appearance in our “swell window” throwing some small groundswell sometime over the weekend (remember there is a lag-time between when the storm moves into the swell window and when it arrives it our area, so derivations in track can result in hours of early/delayed arrival). I will probably post an update early- or mid-weekend.