Monday 06/25/12 Report and Prediction

Report: Small-scale background waves and variable onshore/sideshore winds.  Nothing all that great this AM, but you might find a small longboardable wave if desperate.

Prediction:  Some violent T-storms are again predicted to develop and roll through mid/late morning.  Winds will likely come around more offshore with, and in the wake of, the storms.  By the time/if the weather starts to clear out today we will probably be looking at high-tide swamp-out conditions until the tide ebbs again later in the day (high is just after noon and low is around 6:30PM), but there is also a good chance of lingering T-storms in its wake so consider that danger if you are hoping to surf.

Extended Forecast:  High pressure and strong offshore winds are predicted to return for Wednesday.  While today’s storm does not look like much of a swell-maker, any time these lows get kicked off the coast by cold fronts approaching from the West, you have the potential for some mid-period swell to be generated off the back of the front, so keep that in mind for tomorrow into Wednesday.

Looking way ahead, TS Debby is remaining relatively stationary down in the Gulf but predicted to start slowly moving Eastward and cross over Florida and eventually eject into the Atlantic.  If so, there is a potential up-tick in swell for late work week/early weekend from some swell spun off her northern margin.  I will be keeping a close eye on her and will update accordingly.