Tuesday 06/19/12 Report and Prediction

Report:  Still some mid-period East swell sticking around. The tide is a bit high (high is at 8AM), but you should be able to find some stomach- to chest-high clean to semi-clean waves at standout high-tide breaks. Winds are predicted/reported to be SW, but it definitely looks and feels to have a more SSW tilt to it this AM.

Prediction:  Winds will likely tilt even more SSW later this morning and then shift S-SSE as the day heats up, as is typical under summer-swell conditions. Also typical are late-afternoon/early evening shifts back to the SW-WSW, so keep your fingers crossed for the late-day session.

Extended Forecast:  This mid-period swell is predicted to stick around into Wednesday, and winds are predicted to come around WSW overnight, so a dawn patrol session may be your best bet before the mid-morning high tide swamps things out again. The swell looks to peter out during the second half of the work-week, but the predominantly offshore wind pattern (bearing in mind the likely phenomenon of offshore winds in the AM followed by warm-weather-induced sideshore S-SSE winds) will most likely maximize whatever small waves stick around.

Check back for an update mid/late work-week.