Monday 06/04/12 Report and Prediction

Report:  After a weekend of waves and offshore winds, we still have some leftover groundswell, groomed by offshore winds, this AM.  The issue is the tide; a bit ol’ high tide at 7:45 is swamping out all but a few spots.  Going to have to deal with that issue if you are going to surf this morning.

Prediction: Unfortunately, as the tide drains and the water level becomes more favorable, the winds are predicted to come up from the NE.  The remainder of the day will likely see side-blown conditions.

Extended Forecast:  The NE winds should drive up a new ENE windswell component for Tuesday.  Winds are predicted to be up in the AM but back down a bit in the afternoon, so we may have a window of which to take advantage later tomorrow.  Mixed bag of windswell/underlying groundswell and variable winds for the second half of the week; check back mid-week for an update.