Tuesday 05/28/12 Report and Prediction

Report:  Small background S-SSE swell and SW-WSW winds this AM.  Looking pretty weak, but well-groomed so I am sure there will be a few ok waves for a LB or fatty fish at standout breaks with the incoming-push from the rising tide (low is shortly after 7AM).

Prediction: Wind should come up from the S-SSE as the day goes on and heats up.  Unfortunately this will be a fairly localized event, without much fetch, so I don’t see much significant windswell building from it.

Extended Forecast:  An area of diffuse low pressure should move into our region overnight, but not be much of a swell-maker in itself.  However, winds look light-to-moderate on Wednesday, so we might have windows of reasonably clean surface conditions to work with whatever small swell (cannot rule out a small localized SE bump) is out there.

The remnants of TS Beryl are predicted to move off the SE seaboard late Wednesday, bringing an area of diffuse low pressure and T-stormy conditions to our region overnight Tues-Wed.  These remnants should cast at least some mid-period SE swell towards our region overnight Wednesday-Thursday.  Right now winds look like they should come up from the the N-NNW direction for Thursday.  As always, I suggest you monitor local sources of weather and reports for the most up to date wind info and current conditions.

Looking way ahead, we may see a building SE windswell Friday into Saturday.  Details to follow in the next update.