05/25/12 Report and Prediction

Back on the scene… sorry about the lack of updates recently; I’ve been in the weeds at work, had some computer issues at home, and with the E background swell waxing and waning with a variety of onshore/sideshore winds I figured those local and in the know would go if & when it got good and those who needed to travel would probably be disappointed with the time investment and luck required to catch the finicky conditions.

Report: Small, weak windswell and light onshore winds.  Not looking too appetizing, but if you are jonesing you might be able to find an OK wave at standout/sheltered breaks.

Prediction: Sideshore winds are predicted to come up a bit from the S-SSE this afternoon, which could renew the windswell a little but slop it up a bit as well.  SW winds are predicted for the AM; while the swell numbers do not look all that enticing, the winds will be reasonably favorable, especially at East-facing and sheltered breaks, and you might be able to beat the crowds as the Friday-arrivers sleep off their hangovers and the late-arrivers start to filter in.  Anticipate winds to come around S-SSE as the day warms up.

Extended Forecast: A low skirting by to our south (ejecting off the DelMarVa/SNJ region) may bring a little precipitation and drive up a new SSE windswell, but right now winds look like a mix of onshore/sideshore for the second half of the weekend.  Offshore SW-WSW winds are likely return for early Memorial Day Monday, but I suspect Sunday’s minor swell may prove to be ephemeral, with small leftovers at best left for early week.  As always, I suggest you monitor local sources of weather and reports for the most up to date wind info and current conditions.