Thursday 05/17/12 Report and Prediction

(Afternoon) Report:  Sorry for no AM update, I was on the road and in the weeds all day at work.  After a morning of mid-period SE-ESE swell and North winds, the warmth of the day has pulled the winds to the SE-ESE, but the winds are pretty light-to-moderate and the swell has enough push that at least the standout spots still hold rideable conditions.

Prediction:  Moderate+ E-ENE winds are in the outlook for Friday, but the good news is that we should see an up-tick/renewal of mid-period ESE background swell.  One of those potential could-be-fun-despite-the-winds days, especially since the water has warmed significantly.  As always, I suggest you monitor local sources of weather for the most up to date wind reports and predictions.

Extended Forecast: Continuation of onshore winds and mid-period background swell for Saturday.  The likely issue will be the more-East angle of the swell and that the winds will likely pick up a bit and be more sideshore NE for Sunday, which could cross conditions up quite a bit.  Check back late work-week or early weekend for the next update.