Wednesday 05/16/12 Report and Prediction

Report:  This morning we have some SE windswell and SW winds in the stomach- to shoulder-high range.  Not perfectly groomed because of the side-off angle of the winds, but plenty clean enough.

Prediction: Winds are predicted to come around more WSW as the morning goes on, but anticipate a potential tilt/shift to the S-SSW late morning/early afternoon as the day heats up and pulls the winds around sideshore.  Low is around 10, so hopefully the low-incoming push and winds cooperate.

Extended Forecast: Some swell is predicted to stick around though Thursday; winds are looking a less-favorable N early and then light onshore in the late morning/early afternoon.  Cloud cover could keep the wind down, so we could still be looking at rideable conditions through the day.  Smaller leftovers may even hang in there into Friday, with variable light-to-moderate onshore winds.