Wednesday 05/09/12 Report and Prediction

Report:  A SSE windswell has arrived, but it looks like the winds are unfortunately going to stay tilted to the SSW for most of the day.  Obviously, East-facing sheltered breaks are making the most of it.

Prediction: There is a glimmer of hope for a SW tilt by dark, but it is likely that it will be too little, too late by then.  That (disappointingly) said, it looks like some of the swell should make it through until Thursday, with grooming NW winds predicted.  If any updates to the models and predictions change in a way that I think will affect the outlook, I’ll update this evening.  Otherwise, as always, I highly recommend you monitor sources of local weather information for the most up-to-date wind predictions.

Extended Forecast: Much smaller background leftovers for Friday, but with NW-WNW winds predicted, it will at least make the most of it.