Tuesday 05/08/12 Report and Prediction

Report:  winds from the S-SSE and building windswell.

Prediction:  Yesterday’s prediction stands, more or less, but with the worrisome caveat that Wednesday’s winds now look like they will have a bit more SSW in them than originally hoped and might have a bit more velocity than what is desired to result in a bona fide cleanup.  Keep your fingers crossed that they favor a SW tilt as the more it comes around the cleaner conditions will be, particularly at more East-facing and protected breaks.  As always, I highly recommend you monitor sources of local weather information for the most up-to-date wind predictions.

Extended Forecast:  We could be looking at a smalll mid-period East background swell mixed with SSE windswell leftovers under stiff NNW-NW winds for Thursday.  I will update as/if details that might affect the outlook emerge.