Monday 05/07/12 Report and Prediction

Report:  Sorry for the lack of a timely report today, I was a bit under the weather this past weekend and overwhelmed at work today.  I do hear there was a decent little mid-period East background swell in the water under light onshore/sideshore winds, but can’t testify to that personally.

Prediction:  It looks like we are in for a bit of a S-SSE blow overnight through Tuesday, which should generate some hard-angled South windswell.

Extended Forecast:  As the low moves off, winds should come around to offshore winds in in its wake on Wednesday.  Right now it appears that we are looking at moderate SW-SSW winds, which could result in a bit of a slow-to-cleanup scenario at East-facing beaches in CNJ, and possibly only a semi-cleanup at the south-facing coastline of SNJ, but at least it does not currently look like we will be getting those ripping SW-SSW winds that plagued all but the most sheltered breaks during our last significant swell.  As always, I highly recommend you monitor sources of local weather information for the most up-to-date wind predictions.  Looking even further ahead, we should be looking at a small potential mid-period East background swell/leftovers spun off the backside of the low out to sea under and NNW-NW winds; details TBD in the next update.