Friday 05/04/12 Report and Prediction

Report:  The mid-period E swell has definitely hopped up overnight, even a bit more than anticipated.  It is difficult to get a good read on it through the early-morning fog, but I’m seeing waist-stomach high average waves with standout sets in the chest-to-possibly shoulder range, so get on it if you can.  Winds are pretty light/dead right now, and predicted to go SW to even WSW later this morning.  Of course, with the day heating up we could see a warm-weather-induced windshift to the SSE later today, so bear that in mind when making your plans.
Prediction:  Basically stands as-is from yesterday, so see below.


2PM Update/comment: unfortunately the winds never went true SW but rather indecisively wavered between S and SSW, and have now gone S-SSE with the sunny weather and high temperatures.  Keep your fingers crossed that they swing SW-WSW late afternoon/early evening, as they often do as the day begins to cool and the air over the land starts to cool and sink.