05/01/12 Report and Prediction

Report:  Swell angle is good but the wave period leaves a bit to be desired, and the winds are only now beginning to flirt with their turn from the S-SSW to the SW, although it looks like a number of real-time sensors in the northern Monmouth County area are logging legit SW-WSW.  Fingers crossed that we see that happen sooner than later because this swell does not look to have a lot of resolve and may not hold through the evening.  As always, I recommend you keep your eyes on the flags and online resources to make the best go-time call.

Prediction:  Monderate E-ENE winds look to return late tonight through Wednesday, maybe stirring up a less-than-significant windswell/windchop, again with a relatively short period.  Unfortunately, winds look like they are likely to swing sideshore S-SSE instead of getting pulled more offshore in the wake of the front on Thursday.

Extended Forecast: There is potential mid-period E background swell showing up on some models for Friday.  Check back late tomorrow or Thursday for an update.

Late-night comment regarding the eariler update

The prediction, as posted earlier (see below) still stands, with the additional comment that the numbers for the swell have improved a little bit, but the wind spin/shift to SW-WSW might happen a little later in the morning than originally modeled, so keeping current with the up-to-date wind reports, buoy readings, and surf reports may prove to be key.