Monday 04/30/12 Report and Prediction

Report: Flat.

Prediction:  A round of low pressure is slated to move through our area tonight into early tomorrow, bringing rain and onshore/sideshore S-SSE winds.  While a bit of S-SSE windswell may be generated, neither the duration nor the fetch are all that impressive; anticipate short-period windswelly conditions if you are planning to get in as it is one of those setups that could fall anywhere along the meh-to-fun continuum.  Winds are predicted to make a rotation to the SW-WSW by mid-morning, and low tide is right around 10AM, so at least the factors for an incoming-tide-push appear to be aligned to maximize the conditions.  As always, I recommend you keep your eyes on the flags and online resources to make the best go-time call.

Extended Forecast:  Monderate E-ENE winds return late Tuesday through Wednesday, maybe stirring up a less-than-significant windswell/windchop, again with a relatively short period.  Unfortunately, winds look like they are likely to swing sideshore S-SSW instead of getting pulled more offshore in the wake of the front during the latter half of the week.  Check back mid-week for an update.